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why laptop is so slow 2020

the gaming laptop is so slow

we are gone to solve the bigger problem. too many people face the problem it’s not difficult but a little bit tricky let’s get started the brief. it seems to happen every time you get a new computer it starts out super fast but slowly and surely over. why the laptop is so slow

the years it crawls to a near standstill and you might think that’s just what happens when a computer gets old it slows down

Background programs

the most and common region for slow down your laptop or computer is running background programs. remove many programs which are automatically start

it’s just the way the universe is but that’s not really the case and that’s what we’re gonna talk about today why computers actually get slower and what you can do to completely reverse it
why computers slow down a vast majority of the time it’s not actually the hardware of the computer itself slowing down but rather the software that’s been installed over time bloating it up taking up space and straining the resources of the computer which eventually slows it down the laptop is so slow

yes because it’s software, not hardware there are things you can do to reverse it one of the major ones is removing startup programs or at least stopping them from starting up,

this is pretty obvious you may already know this but you weren’t sure how to do that because programs running in the background obviously take up resources such as (RAM) (CPU) cycles so the more stuff you have starting up the more stuff that’s always on in the background that’s not good now to stop things from starting up it’s pretty simple you don’t have to uninstall the program altogether

why the laptop is so slow

Windows 10

what you can do is if you’re in Windows 10 you can open the task manager by {pressing control shift escape(Ctrl+shift+escape) and that’ll bring} it up and then you go to the startup tab and this is gonna show you all the programs that are starting up with Windows and if you want you can go through and you can right click it and hit disable and it’s not gonna start up with Windows anymore so I would go through this and stuff that you know is not being used regularly you can disable it

why the laptop is so slow 2020
pressing control shift escape and that’ll bring

this doesn’t uninstall it so you can still start up whenever you want it just doesn’t start up automatically, of course, there are some things where if you’re not sure what it does at all I wouldn’t necessarily disable it because some things might be like Drive

pressing control shift escape and that'll bring
why laptop is so slow 2020

why laptop is so slow 2020

Windows 7

pressing control shift escape and that'll bring

if you’re on Windows 7 it’s a little bit different you go to the Start menu and then you could type run and then I’ll give the option to run a program and you type in MS config and then that will also bring up a different window that’s gonna look different than what I just showed and you go to the startup tab in there and then it’s kind of the same story disabled things you don’t need a startup but don’t touch any of the other tabs they might actually break your computer

all right so next up the reason, your computer might also be slowing down is because you have a lot of files that are taking up a ton of space on your hard drive


The most important any computer or laptops are running programs that have called temporary files these files are stored in the hard drive we are highly recommended first delete these temp files or do this every weekly base or monthly base

why the laptop is so slow 2020 (3)
why the laptop is so slow 2020 (3)

Window XP user click RUN in the start menu or type %TEMP% in the run and the temp folder is open now you need to delete these files if their files are not deleting then skip these files.

The 2nd thing when you are using the internet on your laptop or pc. many temporary internet files and website files, cookies, and website data, History, form data, tracking protection data are autosave every pc or laptop user needs to clean these files.

its simple nothing do a major thing simple (click the start or window icon or search a Type”TEMP” and clean all these files follow the instructions in the image

why the laptop is so slow

Hard Drive Free Space

need to do your hard drive have Freespace or not you need to free some space in your hard drive like 300MB to 500MB.delete some RAW files moves or cleared recycle bin


are there your computer is infected by viruses one or more than. they are now slow down your system or doing corrupt your important files .you need to install an antivirus that’s the best antivirus software in 2019

  1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019.
  2. Norton AntiVirus Plus.
  3. F-Secure Antivirus SAFE.
  4. Kaspersky Anti-Virus.
  5. Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security.
  6. Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus.
  7. ESET NOD32 Antivirus.
  8. G-Data Antivirus.


are you sure your windows is updated its latest version if it’s not then updated it now its a big mistake


hay waits your driver is not updated whats going the wrong body update your driver into the latest version.

Restart the computer again

AFTER any of these kinds of changes you performed you just, need to restart your system.

Memory upgrade

we are highly recommended if your laptop or computer is more, old like 2 or 3years you need to upgrade your RAM. the (experts of Microsoft) and our research team is highly suggesting the minimum of 2GB (RAM MEMORY)for (32bit) System 4GB (RAM MEMORY) for 64bit System when your laptop has run many programs to run that want enough memory, IN THAT CASE, the system can not swap files correctly in this case more chance of damage your RAM or PROSSER

processor is overheating

if your system is slow down you make sure the processor is not overheating if the processor is heating they affect your system performance many operating systems is auto reduc3 the speed of the process to help them normal

why the processor is overheating?

there are many reasons like dust is also constricting normal airflow in your computer then the processor is overheating you need to cleat them 2nd reason low RAM memory you need to use high RAM in your system


in the above wany your problem is not solving you need to reinstall the window or delete everything. in that case of reinstalling the window in your laptop or computer, the operating system is an auto increase the speed or performance. wait don’t install the old window you must need the new latest copy of the window, program, or latest drivers they are helping to verify your laptop have no issues related about slow down

Hardware Problems

after these, all of the above tricks your computer is still slow in that case in your laptop have major hardware issues like some percent of damage in the component. For example, a hardware cloud includes a hard drive, RAM, CPU, Motherboard, or more other components that need to check all these factors.

we are recommended run the hardware diagnostic test use (Ultimate boot CD) UBCD
in this test well find issue related hardware or all info


  • Disable unwanted startup application at boot to speed up the booting process
  • scan the system for malware or viruses we recommend Malwarebytes and windows defenders
  • delete some files rare large delete every video you don’t watch anymore and free some space
  • HARD DRIVE upgrade your hard drive to SSD its more help to speed up your system
  • most important you need free space in your C DRIVE
  • Background apps many apps are autorun in the background they are using a large of memory need to stop them or antivirus is running in the background we recommend if your system has low RAM or PROCESSOR after the scan of the system disable the antivirus

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