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Best Headphones JBL Under Armour Flash Review 2020

Best Headphones JBL Under Armour Flash Review

what’s up guys today we’re gonna be looking at the jbl headphones under armor true wireless flash headphones we’re gonna be assessing the pros cons performance battery life and price to come along with these headphones but before we dive into our review let’s see what’s inside the box all right now time for the reveal

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review
JBL Under Armour Flash Headphones Review 2020

what is inside this headphone package let’s flip it up we have the headphone information instructions warranty. it right here we also get a year-long subscription to map my run in this and that’s like value so if you want to use that’s a pretty cool feature with this.

that is pretty much a formation of the under armor and JBL collab. so thanks there guys going inside we have the headphones and their case we have a micro USB charger. we have on this side the wingtips and the earbuds and these come in two different sizes small and large alright so now let’s open up the headphone case

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review

Best Headphones JBL Under Armour Flash Review 2020

so on this site, we have a lanyard holder. you can kind of string it around anything you really want on this site. we have the micro USB charging port and as you can see those colors light up to indicate how much charge is left on the case itself taking out the headphone. that they are red on the inside that indicates that they are charging obviously and if we take them out

they’re gonna automatically connect to the Bluetooth I have them synched up with in terms of the wingtips and the headphones. we talked about earlier the wingtips are these rubber little flares here and that’s going to connect to the back of your ear and kind of keep that

nice and tight and then we have the headphones obviously on the outskirts in terms of charging them it’s pretty seamless and easy as you can see we have the three dots here you simply just match them up slide them in they automatically kind of like magnet together almost and then you just slide

it away now there have been some complaints saying that the charging dock is a little bit bulky personally I didn’t find that it really bothered me it’s not really the heaviest thing. so I just kind of throw it in my backpack and it really doesn’t no issues but in terms of storage and doesn’t really take up a lot of space but all-in-all I think that is the gist of what to expect.

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review

when getting the Under Armour and JBL true wireless flash headphones alright to sync these headphones up to a brand new device it’s pretty seamless what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take out that right headphone. the left will sync automatically to the right and you’re gonna hold that Under Armor emblem down or five seconds you’re gonna scroll through your device’s Bluetooth options

you’re gonna look for Under Armor JBL true wireless flash you’re gonna click that and then they will automatically connect what’s nice about these is that every time you take these headphones now out of their case they will automatically sync up to that preferred device

all right performance the point that everybody’s probably been wondering how did these perform. so I did different long runs at different agility and jump based workouts and then I did powerlifting workouts with these headphones how did they perform in each

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review

so, in terms of staying secure in the ear, these headphones were phenomenal I never noticed any issues with these coming out whatsoever so if you’re looking for headphones. that is secure these are a pretty good bet in terms of connectivity I mentioned this in the cons but they did kind of disconnect during the run portion during the jumping workout

they had a little bit of issue but during my powerlifting workouts where my phone was usually relatively close to either the rack or the dumbbells or barbells that I was using there was really never an issue and I would wonder if the environment actually impacted that connectivity I’m not much in an urban setting with as much stuff going on

I was more in a quiet gym lifting in the terms of overall security these are were great connectivity a little sporadic on the different jump and run based workouts in the gym they were great in regards to sound quality now I’m not an audio buff

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review
jbl headphones in ear

but these were definitely better than any kind of budget headphone I’ve owned they’re definitely not as great as over your headphones but again these are wireless headphones you can’t really expect them to be on that same level of overall quality I thought these are pretty good

the bass hits pretty hard the last two features I want to talk about with these headphones and their performance is the talk-through and the ambient noise feature so with talk through what these headphones will do if you’re on the phone with somebody mid-workout or if you’re just wearing them for pleasure and you’re just walking around it actually takes the voice of the person

you’re talking to and actually kind of turns it up and makes that volume a little bit louder it makes hearing them a little bit easier especially if you’re in a busy setting the last feature is the ambient noise feature and this basically decreases the sound of the music of these headphones so you can still hear things on the outskirts of what you’re doing

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review
jbl headphones bluetooth

if you’re running down the street you can still hear cars passing while hearing your music and that’s a big deal for folks in urban settings like myself where you need to be a little bit more alert overall in terms of performance I thought these headphones are pretty great

they stayed really secure in my ear there were some issues with sporadic outage during my run and jumping workouts but in terms of overall quality I thought they did pretty good I would give these by an eight-point three eight point five out of ten let’s talk price for these headphones you can expect to pay around (one hundred and seventy dollars) so I think that price is pretty fair compared to other headphones on the market

these are decently high quality and they’re waterproof so if you want a headphone that you can take for longer runs in the rain or Never I really have to worry about your sweat interfering with their making quality then I think these are a good bet now obviously if you’re on a budget and you want to save these might not be the best pick for you but in terms of price I think it’s pretty fair three pros I liked about

JBL Under Armour Flash In Ear Headphones Review

these headphones number one ear security I thought they stayed in the ear very well whether I was sprinting jumping lifting there was never any issue with these falling out if you want to secure headphone

these are a good bet number two I like the battery life so JBL and Under Armour claim that there are about five hours of battery life within the headphones and then an additional twenty in the charging case alone that’s a twenty-five hour of battery life but obviously that will vary a little bit depending on how you’re using

the headphones but I think 25 hours five being in the headphones twenty being in the case is a pretty good bet for never letting this die on you and number three is I like the ipx7 rating this means they are fully waterproof so if you want to go run in the rain you’ll have no issue with these headphones now obviously don’t put a wet headphone into

the case you’re gonna have a bad time if you do that but in terms of the overall headphone being in the ear and having any form of water issues you should be pretty safe with these and respects the cons I had two issues with these headphones and the first was connectivity on longer runs in urban settings I found that they cut out a little bit sporadically and

Best Headphones JBL Under Armour Flash Review

they would kind of like just like take it second and miss a beat whether it be as an issue with my phone or just the movement I was doing it was kind of annoying and kind of frustrating at times and you can never really predict it they were fine for the most part but there were times and they would sporadically just cut my second potential con is if you have really small ears these might be a little bit big for you they fit my ear perfectly fine but they are a little bit….

..on the larger side as a lot of wireless headphones are so if you do have smaller ears I would definitely consider the size of the model and that wraps up my review of the JBL true wireless flash headphones now obviously I’m not a true-blue audio buff but as a powerlifter and a guy who likes to do dynamic workouts I want to secure headphone

that stays in my ear and provides quality sound and these fit the bill pretty well to read more of my full thoughts and really get an idea of the description of these headphones themselves to make sure to google Barban and JBL true wireless flash headphones


Rechargeable batteryYES
Remote control on ear cups YES
In-ear YES
Charging case YES
Speed chargeNO
JBL Charged Sound YES
Built-in Microphone YES
True Wireless YES
Hands-Free Call YES
TalkThru YES
Ambient Aware YES
Carrying case YES
Siri/ Google Now YES

General Specifications

Weight (g)
Weight (oz)
Ear tip material
Bluetooth version 4.2

Audio Specifications

Driver size (mm)5.8
Number of drivers per ear1.0
Driver sensitivity at 1kHz/1mW (dB)95dB
Impedance (ohms)14.0


Dynamic frequency response range (Hz)20Hz-22kHz
Battery TypeLithium-ion polymer (3.7V,85*2mAh)
Charging time (hours from empty)2.0
Speed Charging time (hours)2.0
Talk time (hours)5+20
Maximum music playtime with ANC off (hours)5.0
Playtime (hours)5.0

what is in the box?

  • 1 x True Wireless Flash in-ear sport headphone
  • 1 x Protective sport charging case
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x Safety sheet
  • 1 x Warranty card
  • 12-Month MapMyRun Premium membership
  • 3 Sizes of ear tips
  • 3 Sized of winged ear tip enhancers

JBL Under Armour Flash Headphones Review 2020

  • Bluetooth wireless
  • JBL signature sound
  • Truly wireless for Sport
  • 25 hours of total battery life
  • Aluminum charging case

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