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beats solo 3 wireless review

beats solo 3 wireless review

hey guys today we’re gonna be reviewing the beats solo 3 wireless headphones we’re gonna be discussing the pros cons price and performance that come with them now let’s dive into the pros in respects the pros of the beats solo 3 wireless headphones

the beats solo 3 wireless

beats solo 3 wireless review

I had 5 things that really light now full disclosure I wear these to commute in I wear them to work out in and I wear them at work I’ve had them for about 7 months and they’ve definitely stood the test of time and I can accurately tell you about the (pros)

that I find with these in both a workout setting and just a day-to-day setting so my first Pro is these have about 40 hours of battery life now that will vary a little bit depending on how often you’re using them and how loudly you listen to music but 40 hours is pretty phenomenal for wireless headphones

(number two) is the kind of have a fast charge feature if you plug them in for about five minutes you’re gonna get about roughly three hours of playback time that’s awesome if you’re on the go and you just need a quick charge before you hop on a train or something like that or you’re about to take off to the airport

(number three) is they’re decently durable so in a workout setting these have fallen off my head many a times during multiple deadlift rep sets and they’ve only minimally chipped there hasn’t been any issue with the full construction of the headphone now that could obviously vary but for me personally I haven’t noticed any breakdown when falling off of my head from like a let’s say a four to five foot angle depending on where I’m at during a deadlift set

my (fourth pro) with these headphones is the W one ship that comes with them now if you’re unaware of that basically it’s the chip that automatically syncs these headphones to Apple products right near these headphones so if you turned on an iPhone right next to these headphones it’s gonna sync up automatically the air pods have this too and it’s gonna sync up to any kind of Apple watch or MacBook

the beats solo 3 wireless

that you have on the same Apple cloud so it’s really cool for Apple users I have a droid so I have to use these and think these like a normal Bluetooth product so I don’t get the full kickback of them but they do sync up to my MacBook automatically which is pretty convenient my last pro of these headphones is that they get considerably loud so if you like loud music when you’re lifting or going for a top set and you really want to blast that music which I don’t recommend doing all the time for your health they’re really great for that so

they are very loud so again my five pros battery life quick charge w1 chip durable and loud alright so now let’s talk about the cons of the beats solo through wireless headphones I have three things that are problematic with these headphones and first and right off the bat is their price so at a normal retail prices around $130 and that is very expensive for this headphone you can get a higher-end over,

your headphone for about the same give or take on the brand so $130(black collar ) is pretty expensive granted you can find them on sale for around 120 at other retail outlets so if you’re really looking into this pair I would say explore your options and look for the best deal because 130 is a lot of money number two is they are not the most comfortable headphones to wear for long durations of time


beats solo 3 wireless review
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they fit on the head very snugly which is great in terms of keeping them in place when you’re moving walking jumping doing any kind of like light workout or just lifting for that matter but if you’re wearing them for long durations of time just sitting down doing work they are a little bit uncomfortable so it’s a kind of give and…

…take in terms of how they fit very snugly but they are kind of uncomfortable when you wear them for long periods of time the last con I have with these headphones is the sound leak or the echo that they kind of products when they’re very loud these are an on-ear headphone as opposed to over-ear

so that means that there’s gonna be a little bit more tendency to have sound leak out of the headphones to the people around you when listening to music or video is really loud for that matter so if you’re worried about others hearing exactly what you’re listening to then you might want to be a little bit more careful with playing stuff louder

the beats solo 3 wireless

these headphones loud is a good thing for some but not in every scenario so again my cons price comfort and sound leak so in terms of performance

I’m gonna assess three different scenarios that I like to use these headphones for number one is during my commute so my commute range is between like 20 to 45 minutes give or take on traffic I’m up and downstairs I’m on the subway train all in all these perform pretty great for that amount of time

they’re pretty comfortable on the head I can hear things pretty clear and also kind of somewhat of an awareness of the things around me when I’m up and down the stairs, they stay very firm on

my head so there’s never any fear of them falling off or getting broken by falling down the stairs and whatnot so in terms of wearing them for like let’s say a busy or just like a brisk walk these are pretty great in terms of sitting down at my desk

they are pretty great in terms of sound quality and blocking out the sounds around me so I can really focus but again like I mentioned in the context and there not the most comfortable for long durations of time I often find myself having to adjust them and stuff like that just based off of my personal preference on feeling a little bit like my ears are getting squished so now

the beats solo 3 wireless

let’s talk about how these headphones performed in the gym now I know they’re not designed for the gym but I do wear them for workouts and I gotta say I’m a pretty big fan of them for three major reasons number one is that connectivity very rarely have I ever had any connectivity with these headphones I’ve had headphones cut out all the time in terms of other wireless headphones

but these are pretty freak in phenomenal I can leave my phone down at the end of the gym do a set of walking lunges down and back and I never have any issues with connectivity my second Pro in terms of working out with these headphones is that like I mentioned in the context in how it’s a little uncomfortable because they fit very firm on the head in terms of working out what’s actually a pro

I don’t want a headphone that’s gonna fall out on my head really easily or fall off very easily granted they have fallen off during some deadlift sets but that’s a very rare case and in the most part for like

let’s say squats or just your general fitness workout whether it be like doing dumbbell rows or anything like that which is the dumbbell or barbell these are pretty great and they stay very firm on the head

so the last point I want to cover with these headphones working out is the material around the earphone itself does a pretty good job at resisting sweat now obviously if you look like you just went swimming you might notice some issues but in seven months I’ve sweated a lot of knees I’ve actually worn them during meats when I was warming up and I’ve just been poured in sweat and there’s not really any issues in terms of breakdown or longevity of the material

the beats solo 3 wireless

it still looks like they’re pretty brand new it doesn’t look like they’re like discolored or anything from my sweat itself and they don’t actually smell and I could take that from my word but all in all these are pretty great headphones for working out they’re not the most comfortable for long durations it’s sitting down but for like let’s say commuting working out or shorter durations these headphones fit the bill pretty well so in respects to price you can expect to pay around 130 dollars for these headphones at a normal retail value now

I’m not gonna lie and say it’s not expensive because that’s very expensive you can find over your headphones with equal to probably better sound quality for less than this and let’s call it what it is but when you’re buying beats you’re kind of paying for that fashion statement and brand but here’s what I will say on the price if you can find them for let’s say around 130 to 120

so like 25 to 35 percent off which isn’t Incred be uncommon I think they’re pretty fair deal so in terms of how they perform and their sound quality they’re all around pretty great especially for just a normal person who wants good quality and a nice fitting headphone but what’s really great about these headphones is the w1 chip and how it syncs up very synonymously with Apple products

so after an Apple product user I think this is a good bet especially because the w1 chip can only be improved so down the road sound quality will most likely improve with these headphones and their technology so it could be a good investment but again if I were you I would not pay full retail value price for these headphones

I would try my best to find pairs on sale or even maybe slightly used depending on what you want all right so as mentioned earlier these are not brand new headphones so we’re not gonna do a whole

tell you what to expect with these headphones and discuss how to connect them and also how to use them so what you can expect is you’re gonna get a headphone case with the headphones themselves that’s gonna hold the headphones that fold up pretty well and store pretty easily the case isn’t the most supportive there’s a little bit of padding on the outside but if you really

the beats solo 3 wireless

want a supportive case I would say invest in something a little bit heavier but for me this is a pretty good job of just throwing into my bag and keeping the headphones relatively safe it’s going to come with a micro USB charging cable a warranty card and a QuickStart guide and then there’s also going to be

this cord here which is gonna be great for taking phone calls or if you need to plug in the headphones in the airplane where they don’t really have BlueTooth easily accessible so let’s talk about turning on the headphones and how to connect them so we have one side here

that has the on button along with the micro USB charger on the opposite side we have the port for the talking cable or the cable for that matter on the side with the talking cable which is also the left side that’s going to be the button that’s going to do a lot of the functionality of skipping playing songs skipping over songs returning to other songs alright so now let’s talk about

how to connect these headphones to a phone plus how to use them now, unfortunately, I don’t have an iPhone so I have to connect these a good old-fashioned way now if you want to rip me for my droid that has a bunch of cracks in it go ahead and so to connect these to a normal phone or a simpleton phone for that matter you’re going to go ahead and turn on the headphones on the right side here and as you can see these lights are gonna light up not to pair them you’re going to hold down for five seconds and you’re gonna see that

these five lights light up which are also the lights that indicate how much battery is left obviously less lights means fewer batteries so now we’re gonna scroll through our Bluetooth find the beats and we are gonna sync up and it’s gonna pair pretty quickly similar to other Bluetooth options out there so in terms of how you use these there is only one button on these headphones in terms of skipping and returning

the songs and pausing music which is decent at best because it’s easy to get used to but also it’s kind of frustrating when you’re the first break into min and you keep poking both sides and you only get one button that works so to skip a song you’re gonna double click this B to playback a song or go backward

you’re gonna triple-click it and to pause or pick up phone calls you just gonna hit it once so similar to how other headphones work but all in all that’s pretty much all it really comes along with the functionality of these headphones in terms of what to expect you have the lights down here to indicate battery life you can click it once and it will show you how much battery is left you have the micro USB charging port and you also have the headphone port

so, all in all, that’s what comes along with the beats solo 3 wireless headphones and that wraps up my review of the beats solo 3 wireless headphones now these aren’t a pretty expensive headphone however if you could find them on sale and you have Apple products and you just want a good headphone for a variety of activities I think this fits the bill pretty well if you want to read more of my full thoughts on the performance and everything else that comes along with these headphones Google Barban and beats solo 3 wireless headphones

  • With up to 40 hours of battery life, Beats Solo3 Wireless is your perfect everyday headphone
  • Premium playback and fine-tuned acoustics maximize clarity, breadth, and balance
  • Adjustable fit with comfort-cushioned ear cups made for everyday use. 5 minutes of charging gives you 3 hours of playback when the battery is low
  • Take calls, control your music and activate Siri with the multifunction on-ear controls
  • Comes with Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones, carrying case, 3. 5mm remote Talk cable, Universal USB charging cable (USB-A to USB Micro-B), Quick Start guide and card

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